A tool for the driver

If you're going somewhere, you can save on fuel or get the full cost of the fuel reimbursed. Just find a few packs to grab. You can also search on the route.

If you don't know where to go, you're looking for a place you haven't been yet, look for packages. Not only will you get to know new regions, but you will also earn money for taking delivery of the parcel.

If you often travel on a given route, check regularly to see if anyone has anything to transport. You will earn extra money.

All you need is a car: passenger car, delivery van or Smart, it's up to you!
Look for parcels on your way and earn money by transporting them!
We charge a small commission on each shipment, we calculate it automatically.
Security is ensured by the QR code you scan when collecting and delivering the parcel.


A tool for the sender

If the drop-off and pick-up points are unusual, a standard form of shipment may be unprofitable or difficult to arrange.

If you have an urgent shipment that the courier will not pick up immediately, and the shipment will require handover and collection from both sides, Getthebox simply offers a higher price and encourages you to help.

If you don't want to pay a lot for a long-distance shipment, you can find a driver who will take it for you because he's going there anyway.

You post the parcel, describe it, specify where it should go from and to.
You decide how much you pay. This way you can speed up the transport of an important shipment.
The driver reports. You make an appointment, settle the accounts and give him the package.
The driver scans unique QR codes that only you and the driver have.


Convenient application

The Getthebox phone application connects parcel senders with drivers. Need something sent? This app makes it possible. Are you going in the same direction? You can take and earn. If it's urgent, maybe you'll find someone - no matter if it's a holiday or at night, the application is still working.

  • Always a free app
  • Intuitive addition of packages
  • Searching for parcels along the route


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